Sierra Pacific

Tetrathlon Rally

Date: June 16th to 17th, 2018

Location: _Camelot Horse Park_______

Entry fee: $__ per competitor. No Stable Managers

Stabling: $__ – Keep in mind mounts may be shared by up to 3 riders.

Deadline: June ___ – No refunds after entries close.



Senior: 16 yrs and older and C1 and above
Junior: 13-16 yrs and D3 and above
Intermediate: 13 yrs and older and D3 and above
Novice: 11-12 yrs and D3 and above


Pre-Novice: 13 yrs and younger and D2 and above
10 & under: 10 yrs and younger and D1 and above

Teams: Each team will consist of three or four riding competitors. Any Pony Club Member in Good Standing with a suitable mount and the maturity to handle competition at this level is welcome. We will attempt to combine individuals from different clubs to make up teams if necessary. Teams may be a mix of all rating levels and ages.


Handbook and Rules for Tetrathlon Competition 2018
USPC Tetrathlon Newsletter 2018
USPC Horse Management Handbook and Rules for Competition 2018

Entry Forms:

USPC Chaperone Rules / Duties Form
USPC Medical Card
Guidelines for Coaching Tetrathlon Form (Appendex III)

Contact Rally Organizer: ___________

2018 USPC Championships Tetrathlon Qualifying Information

USPC Handbook and Rules For Tetrathlon 2018
Article 8 – Championships Qualifications

1. To compete at the National Championship a competitor must have competed at a Regional or Inter-Regional qualifying Rally in the Novice, Intermediate, Junior, or Senior Division. With the endorsement of the DC, the permission of the RS and the Tetrathlon Committee, any A/H-A/B/C-3 (traditional) rated competitors who request it are invited to participate at Championships without attending a qualifying Rally. Any other exceptions to this rule must be approved by the tetrathlon committee and the Vice President of Activities.

2. With the permission of his/her own RS, a competitor may qualify outside his/her own region to compete at the National Championships. However, Regional Supervisors are encouraged to organize and support a circuit of Inter- Regional qualifying Rallies and to allow their Tetrathletes to qualify outside of their respective regions.

3. To compete at Championships, a competitor must be at least 11 years old as of January 1 of the Rally year and of the appropriate rating for the division.

4. At Championships, the competitor must ride at the level he/she rode at his/her Regional qualifying Rally. The competitor who rides down at the Regional qualifying Rally must take the 200 point penalty and ride down at Championships. Only Juniors and Seniors may ride down a level.

5. To compete at Championships, senior and junior competitors must compete in all four phases of a qualifying rally and attain a total score for the four phases and Horse Management of not less than 2400 points. Intermediate and novice competitors must compete in all four phases of a qualifying rally and attain a total score for the four phases and Horse Management of not less than 2200 points. The secretary of the qualifying Rally must certify this score. The Tetrathlon Committee will review this number annually. A competitor will not qualify for Championships if eliminated or disqualified in any phase of the competition, or if he/she receives a score of less than 550 in the riding phase.

6. To compete at Championships, the competitor’s DC and RS must approve that the competitor’s riding skill is suitable for his/her level.

7. At Championships, the Organizer will determine the number of competitors that Regions may send.

Sierra Pacific Regional Championships Qualifying Information

Our region supports qualified members attending Championships.  Members who wish to attend must meet age, rating, and qualifying requirements for the discipline of their choice, which includes qualifying at a regional rally or the equivalent.  All eligible members are invited to qualify for regional teams.  Based on available funds, the Region will pay at least half the entry fee for Sierra Pacific Regional California competitors for any USPC Championships.