Sierra Pacific

Sierra Pacific Forms & Information

The following are forms often needed leaders and members in our region.

Member Documents

Blank Medical Armband Form 

Stall Card - /ContentDocs/48320/Stall Card 2024.pdf

Feed Chart - /ContentDocs/48320/Feed Chart 2024.pdf

Required Equipment - /ContentDocs/48320/Required Equipment 2024.pdf


Rally Documents

Chaperone Form - /ContentDocs/48320/Chaperone form 2024.pdf

Coaches Form - /ContentDocs/48320/Coaches form.pdf

Emergency Contact Form 2024 - /ContentDocs/48320/Emergency Contact form.pdf

Junior/Senior Team Form 2024 - /ContentDocs/48320/Senior team formation.pdf

Camelot-Mechoopda Release of Liability - /ContentDocs/48320/Camelot Waiver.pdf


Organizer Documents

/ContentDocs/48320/Forms/Blank budget spreadsheet v10-2023.xlsx BLANK BUDGET- this spreadsheet must be completed and submitted to the RS that oversees the particular area for approval at least 12 weeks prior to the event date for events being run under the regions banner.  

Sierra Pacific Rally Entry Form - this form is included in rally packets and used by DCs and CAs to enter their members in the rally.


Club/Center Documents

Club Region Dues New & Renewal- club/center treasurers please use this form when submitting payment for regional dues to the regional treasurer 

Annual Sponsors Meeting Mock Agenda- this is just a mock of what your agenda should look like. Please find this as a guide. - please use this form for all rally packets

Regional Reimbursement Form - this form must be submitted to the regional treasurer when requesting reimbursement for items purchased on behalf of the region. See form for specific instructions.