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Eventing Rally

Eventing Rally 2023

    *Please come back in Jan of 2023 for more information*


What: Eventing Rally will be a Qualifying Rally open to all Pony Club members in good standing, who are new or experienced in Eventing.  



Full Packet: 


Approximate Time Frame: Arrival at Woodland Stallion Station Friday afternoon between 2-5pm. Move in’s will not be allowed on Saturday. Briefing will take place at 5:30pm on Friday. This is a 2 day rally, please make arrangements accordingly 

Awards will be held Saturday, thirty minutes after rally scores have been posted.

Rally Entries MUST BE POSTMARKED by March 30th. Note: The Event may have a different closing date than the Rally due date stated above. However, in order to have a successful rally, the March 30th deadline is firm. Club DC/CA or Rally Coordinators should mail required Pony Club forms and payment to Nicole Rich, DCPC Eventing Rally, 13327 Apple Rd, Wilton, CA 95693.     (DC/CA’s- please openly communicate with Nicole so we can make sure all members have a chance to sign up and compete.)

**Be aware that you need to enter the Woodland Stallion Station Horse Trials separately, and on time!

After the rally entry closing date, there will be no rally refunds except in the case of a veterinary or medical excuse (letter required). In such cases, there will be a $30 office fee deducted from the refund.

Location: Woodland Stallion Station 34270 County Road 20, Woodland, CA 95695

Rally Organizers:  Nicole Rich (916) 719-7645

General Information: This Eventing Rally will be run concurrently with a USEA recognized one day event. As such, the riding schedule will be determined by the Event Organizers, rather than the Rally Organizers.

Due to the one day format of the Woodland Stallion Station Event, Friday will be reserved for stall and tack room set up, required equipment check, briefings and the first Horse Inspection. Turnout Inspection, Turnback Inspection, vet box and all three riding phases will run on Saturday. The schedule of ride times usually comes out the Monday the week of the event, but sometimes not until Wednesday. Since arrival is on Friday, it shouldn’t be an issue. Note that they start with the Preliminary division. An updated Rally schedule will be provided in early May. Scores will be posted at Startbox Scoring online. *Schedule is subject to change, with the discretion of WSS and the Rally Organizer*

Feed rooms will be set up in team trailers in order to reduce the cost of entry. Vet Boxes are required for the Eventing Rally, so members must bring a 5 gallon bucket for the vet box in addition to the usual required equipment. It is also advised that each team bring a tarp or laundry basket to the Vet Box, so you have a clean place to put your helmet, vest, and tack while you are working with your horse (to keep everything out of the dirt!) The Vet Box will be located almost immediately at the end of the XC, and more information regarding how a vet box is run will be sent out in a separate email. Please note that USPC has additional requirements for entering and exiting the Vet Box than USEA/FEI. Our CHMJ will cover this in the Friday briefing. 

Rally participants competing at Beginner Novice or above must have a USEA membership.

Tentative Event Schedule: Fri: Cross-country course open for walking by 3:00 pm. May be open for walking at noon dependent on TD approval. Show office opens 9AM. Practice rounds (Stadium and Dressage) will be offered after 1pm (subject to change based on weather and participation, any changes will be announced ASAP) Sat: Dressage 8 a.m., Show Jumping 12:00 p.m.; Cross-country 12:15 p.m. WSS reserves the right to change the schedule.

Fees: Horse Trials entry and stabling fees must be paid directly to Woodland Stallion Station. You can also enter online, using Xentry through the USEA Member Online Dashboard.   Horse trials fee starts at $225 for Starter/Intro/BN/N/T and $245 for Prelim, and a stall fee is $145. Deadline for entry for Horse trials is April 26, 2022

Rally entries fees are separate from the show entry fees. This year they will be $105 per rider and $40 per Stable Manager. RALLY FEES along with the individual rally form and the team form must be sent to Nicole Rich, DCPC Eventing Rally, 13327 Apple Rd, Wilton, CA 95693. Please send only *one* club check made out to Deer Creek Pony Club for all participants in the rally.

USEA fees (if applicable) can be paid online through USEA. If your riding level is Starter or Intro: you do not have to become a USEA member.  If your riding level is BN, N, Training or Prelim; you need to sign up as a member. Junior membership 18 and under is $75. Adult membership for 19 and older is $95. Go to - - -  --- to become a USEA member. 

Eligibility: Eventing Rally is open to all Pony Club members in good standing who are both new and experienced in the sport of eventing. For those who wish to qualify for USPC Championships in KY, two completed events at the level are required for Championships (Eventing Rally counts as one) at BN and N, for Training and Preliminary, 3 recognized events are required. These events must be completed within one calendar year, for more detailed information please see Championships rules on the USPC website.

Rules: This rally will be governed by the 2022 USPC Horse Management Handbook the 2022 USPC Rules for Eventing and 2022 Newsletters, as well as the USEA and USEF Rules for Eventing.

Teams: Each team will consist of 3-4 riders, a stable manager, and a coach. No ponies may be shared for Eventing Rally. Each participant will jog and do formal inspection with the one pony. Each team must have a chaperone (older than 21, chaperones may also be volunteers). Depending on entries, teams may be made up of participants competing at the same level (essentially scratch teams for each Eventing level (Starter, Intro, Beginner Novice, Novice, Training, Preliminary) or from the same club. If a club does not have a complete team, the rally secretary will attempt to combine them with members from another club.


Divisions:           ***Starter Dressage test might be subject to change and  Start Division is walk/trot only


2022 USEA Starter Test ***

Max height 18”

1000m @250 mpm


2020 USEF Beginner Novice Test A -Sm

max. height 2'3"

1300 m @ 300 mpm

Beginner Novice

2022 USEF Beginner Novice Test A-Sm

max. height 2’6"-2'7"

1600 m @ 350 mpm


2022 USEF Novice Test A-Sm.

max. height 2’11” 

1800 m @ 350 mpm


2022 USEF Training Test A-Sm.

max. height 3’3’”

2400 m @ 420 mpm


2022 USEF Preliminary Test A-Sm.

max. height 3’7” 

2800 m @ 520 mpm

Dressage Tests can be found on: