Sierra Pacific

Eventing Rally


This will be a non-qualifying rally for the 2020 Championships & Festival.

Non-Qualifiers are welcome.

We even have a Intro to Beginner Novice division.

Date: May 31, June 1-2

Location: Camelot Equestrian Center

Fees: entry and stabling fees to be announced around March 2019

In your Horse Trials entry, please mention that you will stable with ‘Pony Club’.

Deadline:  TBA

Volunteers:  Sign up for rally tasks at Eventing Rally Volunteer Signup.


USPC Handbook and Rules for Eventing Competition 2019

USPC Eventing Newsletter 2019

USPC Uniform Officiating Rules

USPC Horse Management Handbook and Rules for Competition 2019

Horse Management Newsletter 2019

USEF Rule Book


Eventing Rally Volunteer Signup

USPC Chaperone Rules / Duties Form

Coaching Guideline and Form for Eventing

Please see below for 2020 Championships Qualifying Criteria


Fill the above forms and mail them to ____________________

For More Information, Contact Rally Organizer: _______________

2020 USPC Championships Eventing Qualifying Information

USPC Handbook and Rules for Eventing 2019

Rider Participation in Qualifying Rallies and Championships:

Beginner Novice Rallies: C1 – A: 12 years of age or older

Novice Rallies: C1 – A : 12 years of age or older

Training Rallies: C1 – A: 13 years of age or older

Preliminary Rallies: C1 – A: 14 years of age or older

Article 40 — USPC Championships

1. USPC Championships are currently recognized by USEA/USEF. A Championships competition at any level is just that: a Championships. One must qualify for Championships competition and be experienced in order to compete successfully.

2. For Championships, each riding competitor MUST fill out, completely, including all signatures on the back, a USEA entry (not required for team Stable Manager) and a copy of the Competitor Information form. Requirements in the current USPC Eventing Rulebook are considered MINIMUM for all levels of Rally participation. Clubs and/or Regions may make additional requirements. Our aim must be to educate and bring along riders.

3. To qualify for Championships, riders must have two signed qualifying affidavits, one from a USPC Rally and one from a USEF/USEA or comparable* competition (see Appendix 13). These competitions must be at the level a rider is planning to show at Championships. Rider must have completed both competitions without elimination. One competition must be clear of any cross country jumping penalties and the other may have no more than 20 cross country jumping penalties.

*”Comparable” means an unrecognized Horse Trial held at the site of a sanctioned Horse Trial, where the construction and dimensions of the cross-country fences have been approved by a USEF-licensed Eventing Technical Delegate or Eventing Judge. This MUST be approved by the USPC Eventing Committee Chair.

4. Competitor and horse must qualify as a horse/rider combination.

Our region supports qualified members attending Championships.  Members who wish to attend must meet age, rating, and qualifying requirements for the discipline of their choice, which includes qualifying at a regional rally or the equivalent.  All eligible members are invited to qualify for regional teams.  Based on available funds, the Region will pay at least half the entry fee for Sierra Pacific Region competitors for any USPC Championships.