Sierra Pacific

HB/HA Prep


For future HB/HA preps, please revisit us again after April 2019



Date: HB Prep January 4th, HA January 5th 2019-  Was a successful event, WE MISSED YOU!
Location: Davis, CA

Hosted by: Sierra Pacific

Prep Details and Sign Up Form:

HA/HB details and registration form  

Inquiries: Jennette Scanlon and Stephanie Nicora

Contact: Jennette at 530-208-6209 or Stephanie at 646-831-7416

Closing Date: 

Entry Fee: 

Meals as specific in attached form: included in entry fee




Please carefully read the attached entry form before submitting payment in order to determine eligibility. Note there is an option during check out to increase order totals if paying for more than one member. Please be sure to add the members name when prompted during check out.

Refunds will be granted until close of registration after which date they may not be granted unless a space can be filled from the wait list. In the case where a Doctors note can be supplied, and when financially possible, every effort will be made to refund fees. All refunds incur a $20 handling fee.