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Quiz Rally

Quiz Rally 2023





Fees: $65 per competitor:  lunch and T-shirt included.  

Registration: open now and closes on April 10th.  Fees must be paid at the time of registration.  Fees are not refundable. Preferred payment method a club check to the appropriate region. 

Full Packet:   

Google Forms Links are included for Pre-Registration.  Rally Registration is not complete until all printed forms and payments are received by the Rally Secretary  


Individuals for scramble teams:  

 Mail completed printed entries and Club checks to Kathie Schulz at 708 Santa Rita Drive, Milpitas, CA  95035

Volunteers: Quiz Rally runs on volunteers!  Each team must have a chaperone and at least one volunteer.  

Rally Organizers, contact for more Information.

Becky Williams- (SPR) - Treasurer, ,  (707) 362-5163

Kathie Schulz - (MidCal) - Secretary,,  (408) 506-0147



USPC Rules and Handbook for Quiz (2022)

Teams: Teams will consist of 3 or 4 members within the following divisions:

Novice D: D1/UR to D3 HM, 11 and under as of 01/01/2022

Novice C:  C1 HM & C2 HM 11 and under as of 01/01/2022

Junior D:  D1/D2/D3 HM 12-17 years of age as of 01/01/22

Senior D:  D1/D2/D3HM 18+ years of age as of 01/01/22

Junior C/H-B: C1 HM - H-B 12-17 years of age as of 01/01/2022

Senior C/H-B: C1 HM - H-B 18+ years of age as of 01/01/2022

H-B/H/H-A:  H-B/H/H-A  14+ years of age as of 01/01/2022


NOTE: Quiz competitor MUST BE AT LEAST 10 YEARS OF AGE as of JANUARY 1, 2022 and rated D2 or higher to compete at 2022 USPC Championships. There will be no Intent to Qualify forms. Top competitors who meet age and rating criteria will be asked to respond if they want to compete in the 2022 USPC Championships. 


Competitors that do not meet the championship qualifications are welcome to participate; they just can’t qualify for championships. 



Rally Schedule:  (may change depending on the number of entries)
8:00  a.m. Registration opens **Chaperones must pick up packets!
8:00 - 9:30 Breakfast (available for purchase)**
8:30  Judges and Volunteers' Briefing
8:45  Competitors' Briefing
9:00  Competition begins
4:00 p.m. Rally concludes at approximately
5:00 Ribbon/Award Ceremony

**Breakfast, snacks, baked goods, and drinks will be available for purchase throughout the day!




Note to DCs & CAs:

Please promote the rally to your members. Make sure they understand the criteria for qualifying for championships. 

Determine the team make-up (name of the team, team members, captain). Make sure each participant is aware of it. If you do not have a complete team, we will help place your members in a team with other clubs. 

Help your members prepare for the rally.

Each team needs to have a chaperone and volunteer! 

Additional Notes:

Armbands with a USPC Medical Card or Medical Bracelet are required for competition. Barn safe boots are required for the Barn Phase of the competition. Remember to wear your Pony Club Pin!

Hotel Information:

Best Western Plus Novato Oaks Inn -  Direct Phone  (415) 883-4400

Link to Best western reservation page 

Here is a link to Special group rates that typically have a good discount that is not available to the general public.  The rates above can fluctuate and sell out at any time, 

It  is also a good idea to check with your favorite hotel/travel reservation website/app (example: Expedia) hotels &  prices near San Marin High School, Novato, CA

Places of interest:

Point Reyes Seashore and Lighthouse

Ferry out to Angel Island

Muir Woods National Monument 

Mount Tamalpais

Marin Headlands

China Camp State Park

Sausalito,  Tiburon

In addition, there are many Cafés and shops in the area

All places of interest are easy drives, and Point Reyes especially is lovely.

Championships Eligibility Information 

 USPC Quiz Rulebook 2022 - Article 29

1. Competitors are eligible to compete at Championships if they meet the minimum eligibility requirements described below and by competing in a Standard Quiz Rally. H-B, H, H-A, and A members wishing to compete at Championships do not have to participate in a Regional Quiz but must have the permission of their RS.

2. Divisions:

Modified Novice D:  D2 & D3 HM, 10-11 years of age as of 01/01/2022

Modified Novice C:  C1 HM & C2 HM, 10-11 years of age as of 01/01/2022

Modified Junior D:  D2 & D3 HM, 12-17 years of age as of 01/01/22

Modified Senior D:  D2 & D3 HM, 18+ years of age as of 01/01/2022

            Junior D:  D3 HM, 12-17 years of age as of 01/01/22

            Senior D:  D3 HM, 18+ years of age as of 01/01/22

Junior C/H-B: C1 HM-H-B, 12-17 years of age as of 01/01/2022

Senior C/H-B: C1 HM-H-B, 18+ years of age as of 01/01/2022

H-B/H/H-A:  H-B-H-A, 14+ years of age as of 01/01/2022


NOTE: Quiz competitors MUST BE AT LEAST 10 YEARS OF AGE before 01/01/2022 to compete in the USPC Championships of that year.


3. Qualifications:

It is the responsibility of the Regional Supervisor to correctly place the Pony Club members by age and HM certification and to abide by the Team Membership Regulations.

All competitors must have qualified in a Qualifying Regional Quiz Rally within the 12 months preceding the Championships.

In order to be eligible to qualify for Championships, all competitors must have obtained their D-2 certifications prior to competing in their Regional Quiz Rally and compete as a D-2 or higher. Championship qualifiers who rate up between Regional Quiz Rally and Championships will compete at the level at which they qualified.

Qualifiers do not have to qualify together as a team.

Composition of Teams: Each Region may determine the criteria for qualification and selection of team members, i.e., all members of a first-place team or the top 4 individuals, while still abiding by the age and HM certification regulations.

No Region shall select its Championships team solely on the individual score of a Single Phase.

A Junior D who qualifies on a Senior D team has the option of competing on a Junior D team or a Senior D team.  A Junior C who qualifies on a Senior C team has the option of competing on a Junior C team or a Senior C team. These decisions should be made in consultation with the Pony Club member, the DC/CA, the RS and the Quiz Committee as needed.




Team registration packets are due on April 10th, 2022. 

For each team, 

Fill out: Google Form Team Preregistration:

Mail the following to the Rally Secretary:

1) Team Designation Form – one per team

2) Quiz Individual Registration Forms for all competitors, one per person

3) Chaperone Rules/Duties Form – one per team - will be found at

4) T-Shirt and Lunch Form 

5) Club check made payable to the appropriate region covering all fees due for all competitors-one per club.  If your club’s payment needs to be made with a different method, contact Kathie Schulz., or call/text 408-506-0147 

If your club cannot form a complete team, please indicate this on the Team Designation Form, and the organizers will put your members with competitors from other clubs to form scramble teams. Google Form, individuals for Scramble teams:



Information for individual competitors:

Registrations for the rally should be submitted by the DC or club rally coordinator in teams. Please confirm with your club DC when individual forms and payments are due to be submitted to them. For each competitor, please complete and return the following to your DC or rally coordinator by their designated due date (NOTE: This will be before April 10th) 


1) Quiz Individual Registration Form – one per person 

2) Your check or payment is made payable to your own Pony Club so that your club can write a single check for the team to register for the rally. – one per person 


LUNCH:   Pre-orders for lunch will be taken, with choices of  Sandwich, fruit, chips, and a bottle of water. Lunch is included for competitors, extra lunches can be ordered. Competitors and coaches are welcome to bring their own food. 


We look forward to seeing you!