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EBTH Rally

EBTH - Everything But the Horse

 March 23, 2024 @ Consumnes River Elementary School


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Purpose:   Pony Club members will actually run through all aspects of a mounted rally, only without their horse! They will use all the equipment & participate in the activities – stall & tack room set up, turnout inspection, jog out and even do a dressage test and show jumping round on foot! All participants/teams literally bring “everything but the horse,” giving them the opportunity to practice & focus on what is expected at a rally without the additional responsibilities associated with having to take care of their horse or pony. This rally is designed for everyone!

STALL SETUP: Tack rooms and “stalls”  will be outside (no horse trailer needed, but there is room if you want to bring one). Prepare for this one-day rally as if it were a competition with the horse present. That means complete preparation of saddle, tack, riding attire, and rally kits. Competitors will not need to bring feed for horses, but you will bring buckets and any items you would use to feed and hydrate the horses if they were there.

RULES: This rally is governed by the 2024 USPC Horse Management Handbook and the 2024 USPC Eventing Rulebook and current Annual Newsletters. Parents and EBTH participants are encouraged to go to and click on Rulebooks to view the most current Horse Management and Eventing Rulebooks. It is also essential to review the 2023 newsletters for both Eventing and Horse Management which will be posted soon.

TEAMS: EBTH is for not yet certified, D, and members who have never attended a rally. Each team will consist of 3-4 riders and a Stable Manager. C Advisors are allowed, but we encourage C-2 and upper level members to volunteer as Assistant Horse Management Judges (AHMJs). Each rider and stable manager will have a turnout inspection and written test, and each team will have a Setup and Safety Check and Required Equipment Check. Each team must have a chaperone (older than 21, chaperones may also be volunteers). If a club does not have a complete team, they may call other clubs to make up a “scramble” team or send in such entries to be placed on a scramble team by the Organizer.

ATTIRE: Attire guidelines are found in the 2024 Eventing Rulebook.  Basic attire is expected, competition attire is optional.


DRESSAGE TESTS for EBTH are as follows:

UR and D-1

2023 USDF Introductory Test A: 



2023 USDF Introductory Test B 


2022 USEA Starter Test 

SCORES: Overall scores will be based on your Written Test, Dressage Test, Stadium Jumping Score and Horse Management scores which include Turnout Inspection, Required Equipment Set-up & Safety, and Daily Sheets. Overall Horse Management awards will not be awarded as there are no actual horses, but there will be individual Horse Management awards.

C-ADVISORS: C-Advisors are welcome and encouraged to volunteer at EBTH as it provides a terrific teaching and mentoring opportunity for all involved.  No rally fees are charged to C-Advisors. C- Advisors must wear medical armbands. 

LUNCH: Pre-orders will be taken for lunch, which includes a sandwich, chips, drink, and cookie. Lunch is optional. Other items will also be for sale in the snack bar.  Please remember to include lunch orders for any family members who will need lunch. Sandwich choices are: Turkey, Ham, Veggie, Kids Turkey (meat and cheese only).