Sierra Pacific

Show Jumping Rally

Show Jumping Rally 2021

Date: October 16-17th

Location: Murietta Equestrian Center, Rancho Murietta CA

FULL RALLY DETAILS and PACKET will be uploaded as soon as they become available

Teams: Teams consist of 3 or 4 riders and a Stable Manager, all members rated as of the closing date of entries.  Teams may be D-Teams, C-Teams, or mixed levels.  Teams may be made up of riders competing in different jumping divisions.  Ribbons will be awarded first through last place for overall score in each of the team categories (D, C and mixed), and first through third place for Horse Management score in each of the team categories.

Rules: This competition will be governed by the following. (These materials must be made available to your team members, Stable Managers, chaperones, coaches and parents to read and understand prior to the rally. )

USEF Rule Book

USPC Horse Management Handbook and Rules for Competition 2021

USPC Horse Management 2021 Newsletter

Show Jumping Rulebook 2021

Show Jumping Newsletter 2021

Jumping Divisions:

Trot poles on the ground to be determined based on demand.

1.  Pony or Horse 18″ – 2′
2.  Pony or Horse 2.3”
3.  Pony or Horse 2’7”
4.  Developing Horse & Rider Division 2’9″ – 3′
5.  Horse I  3’3″
6.  Horse II 3’6″

Each rider will ride 3 competition rounds – 3 Jumper Rounds one of which will be scored as an Equitation Round.

Jump Off/Bonus Round: Jump off heights will not be raised. Jumping a clear round (no jumping, time, or technical faults) in the designated round of classes offering a Jump-off round qualifies the competitor for the Jump-off round. The Jump-off will be a shortened course as shown on the course map and reviewed during a course walk.  Pre-round briefing should include discussion of the Jump-Off, as NO additional coaching will be allowed for the Jump-Off. Coaches need to be familiar with the rules and appropriately prepare their students.

Equitation Round: That round will receive two scores: a normal knockdown/jumper score and an equitation score, which will be included like a bonus round score. The equitation round score must be included in the qualifying scores used to select Championship competitors. Each competitor will receive a written score sheet with Judge’s comments after the close of the Rally. These scores are not subject to inquiries or protest. The expectations for Show Jumping Equitation are explained in USPC 2017 Rules for Show Jumping Rally: “Good approaches (and good jumps) are a combination of several important factors: balance, line, impulsion, pace, and distance…a good jumping performance is more than just jumping higher, faster, or more difficult fences or winning in competition. Good jumping is safer, smoother and easier for both horse and rider and unites them…Correct equitation over fences is that style, form and technique which best enables the horse to perform most correctly, efficiently and confidently over the course, including on the flat between fences and over the jumps.”

Note to DCs & CAs:

Please promote the rally to your members. Make sure they understand the criteria for qualifying for western states championships.

Determine the team make-up (name of the team, team members, Captain, Stable Manager). Make sure each participant is aware of it. If you do not have a complete team, the organizer will help place your members in team with other clubs. Place all members on the Tea Entry form even if the team is incomplete.

Help your members prepare for the rally.

Drug Testing Important Notice!

California Equine Medication Monitoring Program requires that this rally be registered and monitored by the State of California. State drug testers may be onsite to test your mount. Please read the information below to ensure that your mount is within the medication limits imposed by the State of California.

Additional Information:

Stalls:  Included in rally entry fee and come with 2 bags of shavings

Rally shirts: are available as an additional purchase