Sierra Pacific

D Rally

Hosted by Six Rivers Pony Club

                                                        2023 . . . .COME BACK FOR MORE INFORMATION



Camp instruction is #######  See below for bios on our awesome instructors, Judy Klus and Rachael Perry.  We anticipate everyone to arrive by Monday evening, and the meal package includes Monday dinner through Friday breakfast. Food for campers is included in the camp fee.  We can accommodate anybody wishing to come earlier or stay longer, just arrange it with Alicia.  You also have an opportunity to let us know on the sign up what your interest level is in trying out mounted activities such as archery, polo cross, trick riding, games.  We will try to offer at least one of these, based on your responses and availability.  We also have fun crafts lined up for every day of camp, and will have daily unmounted instruction as well.



The D Rally on the 30th will be a full one day Eventing format, with dressage, cross country, and show jumping. The lowest level is rails/logs on the ground under 12" with no time limit, to accommodate non-jumpers.  Highest level will be Beginner Novice.  We need C advisors!  We will accommodate C advisors who wish to be a riding member of the team. We may need to do jog outs and first checks on Friday evening in order to comfortably fit all the riding in on Saturday.  Rally meal packages start Friday evening and go through Sunday morning.  These are separate from the rally entry.   We can facilitate Friday lunch for kids staying on site during this transition/prep/set up day.


Whether you send you Pony Clubber with a club chaperone or bring the whole family, we've got you covered!  We will have a group of brothers enjoying the forests and beaches without horses.  WiFi also available on site.  We are within 15 minutes of hotels, grocery stores, and restaurants, plus the Fieldbrook Market and Eatery just 5 minutes away. On site we have ample lawn space for tents, showers and laundry facilities to share, and full meal packages by Rosa Dixon.


Please contact Alicia with any logistics questions or concerns.

408 833 3982


Our Camp Instructors: 


Judy Klus is a USEA certified Level III Instructor with over 40 years in the business of sport, science, and the art of teaching and training horses and riders for Eventing and Dressage.  Judy's passion is teaching and helping each student to attain their individual goals, with a magical combination of discipline, compassion, and humor. Using dressage as the foundation for all equestrians and their horses, she consistently helps our members discover the next level in their riding during a clinic weekend.  Judy has successfully coached many pony clubbers over the decades through the upper levels including the A.  For more about Judy and her amazing experiences, visit her website at


Rachael Perry is a graduate H-HM with a professional training business for the last nine years.  In addition to 15 years with USPC she has also been involved in three day eventing, dressage and many western disciplines. Over the last couple years she has been focusing on building a training facility and growing her clientele as well as starting a small breeding operation. Rachael has had many knowledgeable mentors from a variety of disciplines who have helped her in her endeavors and to create a knowledgeable foundation in her riding and teaching skills. Rachael’s teaching focuses on the biomechanics of the rider and how it affects your mount. Being able to understand why your horse does what it doeshelps the rider build confidence and helps with the use of different aids to support your horse, thus building a better partnership. Rachael continues to expand on her knowledge by reading, lessons and attending clinics every chance she gets.