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Dressage Rally


                                                               Dressage and Western Dressage Rally



Come back in 2025 for more information.  Fun was had by all April 20-21, 2024!



*Information below is from the April 2024 Rally and will be updated in early 2025

Each team will set up a full rally tack room in a trailer supplied by the team. There will be a briefing Saturday morning, a horse inspection to ensure soundness, and turnout inspections. Riders will have specific times for their turnout inspections and ride times. Timeliness is expected.

Rules: This rally will be governed by the 2024 USPC Horse Management Handbook, the 2024 USPC Dressage Rulebook, and the associated Newsletters. All competitors must adhere to the rules. Parents and adults must abide by the Adult Code of Conduct.

Adult code of conduct.pdf

Teams: Each team will consist of 3-4 riders at any level, and a Stable Manager. Each team must have a chaperone (21 or older, chaperones may also be volunteers). Senior competitors (18 and up) do not require a chaperone. Teams will be split into Junior and Senior divisions as we are able. IF any competitor is over 18, the team will be competing as a senior team. If a club does not have a complete team, the rally secretary will combine them with members from another club. Dressage and Western Dressage competitors can be on the same team

Fees: Entry fee per rider is $220, Stable managers $30

Attire: Attire guidelines can be found in the 2023 Dressage Rulebook and the 2023 Western Dressage Rulebook. If you have Competition Attire, we encourage you to turn out in your "show clothes". It's never incorrect to exceed expectations! Please note: Anyone seeking eligibility for Championships in 2024 MUST turn out in Competition Attire.

Dressage Tests: Dressage tests will be USDF 2023 tests. Western Dressage tests will be WDAA 2022 tests. All Intro level tests will be ridden in short court (20m x 40m). Training/Basic level and up will be ridden in the long court (20m x 6om). Riders not intending to Qualify can choose 2 tests and choice of a third test, Dressage seat Equitation (rail class), perform a musical freestyle, or Pas De Deux.

This rally will be qualifying for 2024 USPC regional festival championships. Please see Qualifying Information section below.

Coaches: Coaches are not required but encouraged. A coach must sign and adhere to the Coaching Form, and form must be submitted with your entry. A Chaperone is NOT permitted to coach.

Medical Armband/ Competitor Numbers: All competitors must be wearing a medical armband or bracelet at all times during the rally. Competitor numbers/pinnies will be provided and must be returned at the end of the rally.

Awards: There will be overall placing and ribbons to all teams. There are also Horse Management awards to the top three teams. High-point ribbons will be awarded to the highest placing individuals in each division (Introductory, Training, First/Up). Ribbons for optional classes.

Stabling: Stabling fees are included with entry. Riders wishing to school on Friday will pay an additional $15 use fee. 1 bag of shavings will be provided. Additional bags may be purchased for $12 each. Teams will use a horse trailer to set up tack and feed rooms.

Food: Food is not included in the registration fee but Butte Valley Pony Club will be offering pre purchased meals for Friday Dinner through Sunday lunch. Meals may be purchased on site if available, but please purchase ahead of time so that we have enough food for everyone. Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase. Please see the meal order form for pricing. There is a gas station 5 min away and any other restaurant /markets is in Oroville, 15 min away.

Accommodations: Camping onsite is available. Camping Fee for competitors is included with entry, additional campers $5 each. RV/Trailer dry camping allowed. No hookups. If you prefer to stay in a hotel, please find accommodations in Chico, approximately 20 min away.

Rally Shirt: Adult and Youth sizes of T shirts, polos, hoodies and pullovers. Lots to choose from! See apparel order section on this form

Facilities: There is an onsite shower and bathrooms available on the grounds. Overnight camping is available- competitor camping fee is included with entry, additional campers $5 per night. Other facility rules: Dogs must be leashed at all times on property. No dogs in stabling areas or arenas. Warm up in designated warm up areas only.

Longeing: USPC rules for longeing apply: helmets, boots, gloves, and timepiece are mandatory.

Persons allowed to lunge are a competitor C-3 and higher, the owner/agent, person designated by the owner/ agent, or any competitor if directly supervised by a non-competing adult with approval of the CHMJ.

Lunging areas will be clearly marked and are not in the riding arenas. Please be respectful of boarders who will also be on the property Do not enter the boarder area on the south side of the property. We expect all trash to be in proper containers, facility rules to be followed, and stalls must be clean at the end of the rally.

Volunteers: All teams must send a minimum of 2 volunteers to the rally. The team Chaperone may be included as a volunteer. Volunteer positions will include a variety of tasks. Experience is not required as training will be provided.

Parent responsibilities while at the rally: Parents can help unload heavy items but then must leave the barn area during setup. The Neutral Zone will be clearly marked and will be enforced. This is a great time to volunteer!

Parking: Horses can be dropped off near the barns, and trailers designated as tack room will be parked near the stabling area. All-day parking and trailers not used as tack rooms will park in a separate area that will be marked. There is a specific area for those who are camping to park - please do not park here if you are not camping. You will be asked to move.

Pony Club Members responsibilities while at the rally:

• Be prepared to work for the good of the team.

• Have a good attitude.

• Respect organizer's efforts and the facility. Leave the area in better condition than you found it.

• Thank the organizers for their work in planning the competition.

• Have fun!

Schedule: We will send out a schedule prior to the rally. The schedule will be dependent upon the total number of riders. Please plan to arrive Friday between 1 and 5 pm. Schooling Friday requires the purchase of a Camelot Equestrian Park day use pass at $15, available on the entry. If you plan to arrive at a different time, please email Mariah at

Cancellation policy: NO REFUNDS after close without a doctor/vet note, in which case fees

will be refunded ·minus $35 office fee and any shirt payments. NO REFUNDS if the date must be rescheduled.

Entries will submitted through Google forms individually, but please coordinate with your club on teams before you enter. Payment may be submitted by Venmo @Treasurer-BVPC or mail a check made out to Butte Valley Pony Club

Allie Figura, Treasurer

3757 Mario Avenue

Redding, CA 96001

Entry deadline is April 1st. Meals will be available for purchase on site as available, but if you order ahead we will be sure to have enough for you.

Before beginning the entry form please print and sign the following documents and have them ready to upload-

Camelot Waiver

Coaches form

Chaperone form

Chaperone form/ Emergency Contact Form/Junior -Senior team form.


Please email questions to