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Dressage Rally


Please come back for information about the 2023 Dressage Rally!

March 25-26, 2023    Hosted by Jen Vaca and Deer Creek Pony Club @ Starr Vaughn Equestrian Center


Rally Secretary: Jen Vaca

Mail entry forms to:  

General Information: 

We are excited to invite you to our Dressage Rally  this year.  This rally is open to all ages and certifications (including uncertified members).  We do ask, however, that all riders can confidently ride their mounts without lead-line/assistance.

Riders may have their tests read (no penalty).

Each team will set up a full rally tack room in a stall.  There will be a briefing, horse inspection to ensure soundness, and turnout inspections.  Riders will have specific times for their turnout inspections and ride times.  Timeliness is expected.  

Rules: This rally will be governed by the 2023 USPC Horse Management Handbook, the 2022 USPC Dressage Rulebook, and the associated Newsletters.   All competitors must adhere to the rules.

Teams:  Each team will consist of 3-4 riders at any level, and a Stable Manager.  Each team must have a chaperone (21 or older, chaperones may also be volunteers).  Senior competitors (18 and up) do not require a chaperone.  If a club does not have a complete team, the rally secretary will combine them with members from another club.

Attire:  Attire guidelines are found in the 2023 Dressage Rulebook.    If, you have Competition Attire for Dressage, we encourage you to turn out in your “show clothes”.  It’s never incorrect to exceed expectations! Please note:  Anyone seeking eligibility for Championships in 2023 MUST turn out and be judged in Competition Attire.

Dressage Tests:   All Intro level tests will be ridden in short court (20m x 40m).  Training level and up will be ridden in the long court (20m x 60m).  Riders not intending to Qualify can choose 2 tests and perform a musical freestyle.

Intent to Qualify for Championships:  Please see the text from Article 32 copies from the Dressage Rulebook – You only need 1 qualifying score at the test of your level and a musical freestyle to qualify but you will have two opportunities to ride that test to get your score.  Riders must be 10 years of age to qualify.

Article 32—Championships Eligibility Process: Each individual Pony Club member who desires to compete at Championships must compete in a regional rally and be judged at the minimum HM level and same competition level in which they intend to compete at Championships. This constitutes the “individual eligibility” of the competitor. Members wanting to become eligible for Championships must meet the below division criteria. • Modified Training Level—Participate in a standard or modified Dressage rally at the competition level and earn a minimum score of 55% on Test 2. • Training Level—Complete a standard Dressage rally at the competition level, earn a minimum score of 60% on Test 3, and ride a musical freestyle. • Modified First Level and Up—Participate in a standard or modified Dressage rally at the competition level and earn a minimum score of 55% on Test 2. • First Level and Up—Complete a standard Dressage rally at the competition level, earn a minimum score of 60% on Test 3, and ride a musical freestyle.

Coaches:  Coaches are not required but encouraged.  A coach must sign and adhere to the Coaching Form, and form must be submitted with your entry.  A Chaperone is NOT permitted to coach. 

Longeing:  USPC rules for longeing apply:  helmets, boots, gloves, and timepiece are mandatory.  Persons allowed to longe are a competitor C-3 and higher, the owner/agent, person designated by the owner/agent, or any competitor if directly supervised by a non competing adult with approval of the CHMJ.

Medical Armband / Competitor Numbers:  All competitors must be wearing a medical armband or  bracelet at all times during the rally.  Competitor numbers/pinnies will be provided and must be returned at the end of the rally.

Awards:  There will be overall placing and ribbons to all teams.  There are also Horse Management awards to the top three teams.  High-point ribbons will be awarded to the highest placing individuals in each division (Introductory, Training, First/Up). 

Stabling:  Stalls are required for the rally and the cost is $80 for the weekend. If you intend to stay and compete at D rally the next day you will remain in the same stall with no additional costs. Horses may not arrive before 12noon on Friday March 11th and must leave by 8:00pm on Sunday March 13th.  1 bag of shavings will be provided.  Additional bags may be purchased for $9.75 each.  Each team will receive a tack stall at no additional fee.  Feed stalls are optional ($80.00 each) and can be shared between 2 teams.  If you choose not to have a feed stall you may use your trailer for feed.  

Food:  Food is not included in the registration fee.  There will not be pre-order lunches available as there is a Café available on site with a variety of options.

Rally Shirt: Collared, dri-fit shirts available for $30

Facilities:  There is an onsite shower and bathrooms available on the grounds.  Overnight camping is permitted.  Please refer to the Murieta Equestrian Centers website for pricing and reservations.

Volunteers:  All teams must send a minimum of 2 volunteers to the rally.  The team Chaperone may be included as a volunteer.   Volunteer positions will include a variety of tasks.  Experience is not required, training will be provided.

Parent responsibilities while at the rally:  Parents can help unload heavy items but then must leave the barn area during set up.  Neutral Zone will be clearly marked and will be enforced.  

Pony Club Members responsibilities while at the rally:

Be prepared to work for the good of the team.

Have a good attitude.

Respect organizer’s efforts and the facility.  Leave the area in better condition than you found it.

Thank the organizers for their work in planning the competition.

Have fun.

Schedule: We will send out a schedule prior to the rally. The schedule will be dependent upon the total number of riders. 

ENTRIES (INDIVIDUAL): Each Rider and Stable Manager MUST submit to THEIR Club the following:

Dressage Rally Registration Form (and Dressage Rally Test Selection form for Riders)

MEC Rider/Visitor release Form – one for each rider/visitor 

Signed Parent Code of Conduct form

Member 18 years and older Emergency Contact Form

Cash or Check payable to YOUR Pony Club. (Your club will submit one check for the entire team).


ENTRIES (TEAM):  Rally Coordinators - please refer to Rally Coordinator Packet and submit the following items to: Jake Vivian 3509 Barnes Road Santa Rosa, CA 95403 postmarked no later than February 1, 2022.  Please also include the individual entry paperwork for your riders/team.  USPC Regional Rally Entry Form with attached entry forms per rider/stable manager

MEC release form (for everyone in attendance)

Parent Code of Conduct for each parent attending

Members 18 and up: Emergency Contact Form (Appendix III)

Uniform Chaperone Rules/Duties Form signed (Appendix III)

Note:  if there is a junior/senior mixed team, all parents must agree to this in writing.  The junior members still require a chaperone.

Coaching Guidelines using Appendix IV in the Dressage Rulebook

Club Shirt Order Form (summary)

Club Summary Checklist

Team & Optional Items Fee – “Your” Club Check Payable to Santa Rosa Pony Club.