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 Looking ahead to 2023. . . (All items are subject to change by Hosts)

February 4th- Regional Council Meeting via Zoom

February 25th: EBTH in Wilton, CA

March 12th: Quiz Rally- Qualifying in Novato, CA

March 25-26th: Dressage Rally in Elk Grove, CA

May 20th: D Rally 

June 3-11th: USPC Champs Central- Missouri

June 23rd: C1/C2 Certification @ Camp

June 23rd-25th: Regional Camp 

July 26-30th: USPC Champs East- Tyron, NC

July 16th: C1 and up prep @ Pacific Equestrian Center

August 4-5th: Eventing Rally @ McKinnleyville

August 25-26th: Tet Rally

August 27th: HM Day HMO/Marin County/Rosewood Riders

Sept 30th: Eventing Qualifying Rally @ Ram Tap

Oct 14-15th: Show Jump Rally @ MEC

Nov 4th: Regional Council Meeting



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