Sierra Pacific

Horse Management Day

Date: August 25th, 2019

Location: Franktown Meadows Equestrian Facility

4200 Old US Hwy 395 N,  Carson City Nevada, NV 89704


We are very privileged to be able to hold this event at Franktown Meadows Equestrian Facility.  AT NO TIME may you wander off and investigate the facility on your own. DO NOT touch any horses. We have assured the facility that since this is Pony Club this won’t be an issue please insure that is the case!

Hosted by: Silver State Pony Club

Start time: Registration begins at 9am

Who is this event for?  This event is for all members and their parents. We also open this event to non-members who are considering joining Pony Club. Please bring your horsey friends with you and show them how great Pony Club is. Note that all non-members are required to hand in a completed non-member waiver (see link to file below) this waiver MUST be signed by their parent. DC’s please check that all members planning on attending have in fact joined for 2019. If their names are not on your 2019 rosters please have them complete and bring a signed non-member waiver. We will have a copy of the regional roster to check members off against.

Non-Member Waiver  

Inquiries: Heather McTigue HMO


(Entries must include full payment of fees written with one club check)

Entry Fee: $10 all attendees including parents. We will accept cash and club checks at the door. Alternatively please pay HERE using PayPal through 12pm on 1/13. Enter the names of all those attending that you are paying for in the notes section at checkout. Please print your receipt and bring it with you.

We have a large number set to attend this event and we need to start on time at 10am please plan to arrive around 9:30am to insure time to register and be patient with our registration folks. They will be checking you off from the current USPC regional roster. Any child not on the roster will need to hand in a waiver. As national is backed up with memberships I suggest you login to the national website and make sure you are listed as a current member. If not please bring a waiver. The day will start at 10am inside the indoor arena.

Lunch: Please bring your own lunch there are no food outlets in this area is VERY rural.

Purpose: The purpose of Horse management day is to share horse management knowledge with our members of all ages and levels. The focus is on teaching skills necessary for certifications as well as those needed for the up-coming rally season. This year will be a little different than the last 2. We will have a number 4 or 5 stations set up with hands-on demonstrations of information from the HB certification. Being practical in nature this material will be fun and of interest to our D members while at the same time informative for our older and HMX members. There is also an opportunity for parents and older members to be trained in how to be an assistant horse management judge to enable them to help judging at rallies. This is a great way to be able to go behind the scenes at our rallies and be able to observe what the members are doing.



Please wear barn appropriate footwear, medical armbands and PC pins for members. I would love to see all the members in their club shirts and attire. Do dress warm it can be chilly in here in the morning. Attire should be neat and tidy and workmanlike. No jewelry, hair put up neatly if long etc. Parents need to wear barn appropriate footwear i.e. paddock boots as you will be around horses. We hold our parents to the same standards that we hold our members as all adults are setting an example to our junior members.

Other things to bring: Please bring a chair if you wish to sit. Bring a note book and something to write with there will be lots of good info to take home.

Volunteers: Anyone wishing to assist with set-up and take down would be very much appreciated.