Sierra Pacific

Standards and Certifications

Standards and Certifications Clinic 2023


Date: December 3rd

Location: ZOOM

Hosted by: Sierra Pacific Region



Closing Date: There is no closing date for attendance at the Standards and Certs clinic.

Entry Fee: 


What is being presented? Standards and Certifications is an opportunity for all those involved in Pony Club to have the progression of skills as required by the various standards explained in detail by watching riders perform specific riding test expectations at different levels D1 through A. National examiners  ######.  will explain what it is about each rider that exemplifies the standards at which they are riding.  This presentation is very helpful for members/parents/DC’s and instructors to understand the testing expectations.


Standards and certifications is an excellent and unique way for members and their families as well as instructors and examiners to gain a better understanding of the USPC riding standards. 

The value in attending this event is that you will clearly learn and see demonstrated the skills required by members at each of the USPC standards. This can aid parents, DC’s and instructors in determining whether members are ready to take their next certifications as well as giving the members themselves a clearer understanding of where they are going. For our examiners it helps to confirm their understanding of the USPC standards insuring that our members are examined to standard.

ALL members, parents, instructors, and examiners should attend this valuable day. After her daughter passed her C1 last year one parent stated that the standards and certification clinic was the most valuable prep her daughter had attended. So don’t miss out on this valuable experience. You will leave with a clear understanding of what it is you need to be able to demonstrate at your next certification.

DC’s note that we strongly encourage clubs to use examiners for certifications who have attended a standards and certifications clinic so please encourage your instructors, examiners and upper level members to attend.

Attire: Members please come wearing appropriate Pony Club attire (no jewelry, spaghetti strap tops or open toed shoes) and parents please come dressed to set a good example. ALL members should wear medical armbands or bracelets.