Sierra Pacific

C Certifications & Preps

                          2024 C1/ C2 Certifications                                                                                                                 

March 30: C1/C2 Certifications @ Woodside.  DEADLINE MARCH 15th. . . . entry& payment must be received.

June 19/20:  C1/C2 Certifications @ Camelot
September 21-22: C1-C2 Certifications @ TBD 

November 9-10 C1-C2 Certifications @ TBD 


                                  2024 C1/C2 Preps

April 27-28:   HB/HA Prep @ Big Sky Equestrian with Rebecca Taylor

June 2:  C1-C2 Prep @ Murieta Equestrian Center with Jennette Scanlon

September 1-2 Mega Prep @TBD with Jennette Scanlon, Katy Bargalow,  and more!


Sierra Pacific Region's C prep series has been a highlight of our region's education program for years. Offered to ALL MEMBERS of SPR at the D3 rating or higher, National Examiners take the time to prepare our riders to their C and up ratings. Whether you are prepping for a rating this year, or next year, or in three years, the C prep series is for all our members looking for feedback as it relates to the SOP's.  Run as a mock certification, the preps don't just prepare our members for the riding portion of their certifications, but also the mental preparedness required for success as candidates progress through the levels.

Offered during the spring, the goal is to have members prepared for our first regional C certification of the year, usually offered right before Regional Camp in June.  

Our preps consists of:

1.  Flat: aimed at members on the Dressage track or those on the Eventing track.

2.  Show Jumping: focused on show jumping for both the HSE/SJ track and the Eventing track.

3.  XC: Cross country ends the spring prep series for the Eventing track members.

**Don't miss the opportunity to ride with National Examiners in small groups and get invaluable insight into your riding! Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity the region offers its members, no matter where you are in the process!**